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Lawful Permanent Resident Card

A “Green Card” is a shorthand expression for a Lawful Permanent Resident Card (or Form I-551). Having a Green Card is an unrestricted authorization to live and to work throughout the United States. The advantages of a Green Card include, among other benefits:

  • Unlimited residency and work permit in the United States.
  • Ability to enter or leave the US without a visa.
  • After five years, you are eligible for Medicare and other government assistance programs.
  • The chance of obtaining a student loan.
  • Eligibility of family members for a Green Card.
  • Possibility of US citizenship after you hold a Green Card for several years.

Obviously, the benefits of having a Green Card include much more than the elimination of the threat of being deported hanging over your head 24 hours a day. It is for this reason that a Green Card is sought after by so many people. If would like to explore the possibility of obtaining a Green Card, contact our office for answers to your questions.

Who is Eligible to Obtain a Green Card?

While a Green Card is not available to all immigrants to the US, there are numerous categories of those who are eligible to apply. They include:

  • Spouses, unmarried children (under 21) and parents of US citizens.
  • Immigrant Workers. This category is divided into three sections, known as first preference, second preference and third preference workers. Your status will depend upon such issues as your scientific ability, whether you are a skilled worker, hold an advanced degree, and other factors.
  • Special Immigrants. Examples of special immigrants include religious workers, Afghan workers employed by the US, employees of NATO, and others.
  • Refugee or Asylum Status. This may apply provided you were admitted at least one year ago.
  • Victims of Crime or Human Trafficking. Some individuals who have been crime victims and who have suffered significant mental or emotional abuse, and others who have been the victims of human trafficking (and who were under the age of 18 at the time), may also be eligible.

The above categories are not exhaustive. They include, among others, a number of categories of those eligible under various laws directed toward immigrants from certain countries, those suffering various forms of abuse, certain diplomats, and others. In any case, you may, depending upon your status, need a particular visa before you are eligible under one or more of the above categories.

How Do You Obtain a Green Card?

Provided that you are eligible for a Green Card, eligibility does not in and of itself lead to the issuance of Permanent Resident status. You must also be physically present in the US for a specified period and apply for a Green Card. The application required is Form I-485, an 18-page form which requests answers to a host of questions regarding your past and present circumstances.

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Revocation of Your Green Card

Green Cards are generally valid for 10 years (2 years for conditional residents), after which they must be renewed. If you have a Green Card, you may still run afoul of the immigration laws to the extent that the Green Card may be revoked. There are numerous potential factual bases for this. They include:

  • Immigration Fraud. This may involve marrying a citizen of the US only to obtain a Green Card. It could also consist of lying or failing to disclose relevant information on your application.
  • Failure to Establish or Abandonment of Permanent Residence. As the holder of a Green Card, you are required to maintain a residence in the US. If you fail to establish a residence here, your Green Card can be revoked. And if you leave the US for more than 180 days, your Green Card can be revoked unless you obtain prior authorization for your absence.
  • Failure to Notify of Change of Address. You are required to let the USCIS know within 10 days of a change of address.
  • Commission of a Crime. The commission of a serious crime may lead to a revocation of your Green Card.

If you are facing the revocation of your Green Card, call us to find out how our firm can help.

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Obtaining a Green Card is the dream of many immigrants to the US. We know the law and how optimize your chance of obtaining and avoiding revocation of a Green Card for yourself and/or your family member(s). Call us today at (602)560-3131 to speak to an experienced Phoenix immigration lawyer to obtain accurate information regarding Green Card issues.

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